Espresso cups and phone pouches…..

January 29, 2013

Here’s some examples of recent work to produce sales cards based around some lifestyle images for a new range of phone pouches and Espresso cups –

foli folio002b

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A Hipstamatic post

January 28, 2013


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December 2012 update:


Remember me, it has been a few months since I let you know what I’ve been up to last, so here it is — and looking back on some of the images it seems hard to remember when the weather was as good as it looks!

I went to the Prodrive proving track in Leicestershire for Hyundai and spent the day covering the test driving of their i40 model. High speed cornering, banking and a skid pan all featured in the tests, although the skid pan was irrelevant after the downpour half way through the afternoon. Then photographing swimming pools in various locations in Surrey was a good way to spend a couple of days in what little sun we had this year — very inviting water, a series of lifestyle images for a new range of  giftwear Espresso mugs, phone pouches and bookmarks and a highly exclusive interior in the west end of London.

The portfolio is ever expanding and changing online – so when you have a minute have a look at, and as always please feel free to get in touch via 01494 715468 / 07850 879397 or email

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